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Attorney Paul Sortland takes pride in the results that the Sortland Law Office, PLLC has achieved. Not every successful result can be listed here, but each client and each case receives the same level of diligence and care as the cases below. If you are involved in a serious claim, call 612.375.0400 or contact the law office online to discuss your case.

Disclaimer: The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the facts and circumstances of the cases discussed here. Not all results are provided. The case results discussed below are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases. Each case is different and must be evaluated and handled on its own merit.

Case Results of Note

  • Lawyer Paul Sortland achieved a medical malpractice case verdict of $2.8 million, for an undiagnosed perforated colon. The doctor had repeatedly ignored the plaintiff’s claims of continuing discomfort, resulting in a colostomy. The verdict was covered by the StarTribune. “Almost $2.0 million of the award presented to Kathleen J. Backlund was for pain, disability, disfigurement, embarrassment and emotional distress.”
  • A 68-year-old female slipped and fell on the stairs of an apartment building owned by a former attorney. She suffered several broken bones in the fall. She also suffered a fractured spine but it was not diagnosed until two weeks later when she slumped over at a nursing home. The plaintiff, a diabetic, suffered partial paralysis of her lower extremities. She improved somewhat following two surgeries, but still uses a wheelchair. The defendant landlord claimed that the stairs were in good condition. The plaintiff contended, however, that the carpeting was loose and that the landlord had notice of the condition. Attorney Paul Sortland achieved a case settlement for his client for $475,000 at mediation with the help of a mediator.
  • Attorney Paul Sortland represented a widowed client who incurred far greater taxes than were necessary after the death of her husband. A legal malpractice claim was filed against the law firm that provided the negligent advice. After litigation was commenced, the case was quickly settled for a substantial amount, in the mid six-figures range.
  • A medical malpractice matter was settled, where a patient had complications following a hysterectomy. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office which handled the patient’s call incorrectly advised her to wait, despite the fact she was suffering severe abdominal pains and running a fever. The patient ended up with a colostomy and suffered substantial complications. The case was settled with attorney Paul Sortland’s client receiving a settlement for several hundred thousand dollars.
  • In a case involving accounting malpractice, the plaintiffs were owners of a small firm which had received negligent advice from one of their accountants to invest in a tax savings plan. The accountant improperly advised the clients that the Internal Revenue Service did not need to be notified of the transaction. This cost the plaintiffs hundreds of thousands of dollars. After the case was vigorously litigated by Paul Sortland, the matter settled for a significant sum, compensating the plaintiffs for their losses.
  • In a lawsuit brought by a client against a major retailer, Paul Sortland successfully argued that the retailer improperly disclosed personal information regarding her medical records to her estranged husband. The case resulted in a settlement for the plaintiff.
  • Attorney Paul Sortland represented a person against a man who beat his client with a bat over allegations concerning a family member. The client’s spleen was removed as a result. Paul Sortland obtained a verdict against the offender for over $310,000.00. He was able to collect a substantial sum from the defendant’s own assets and a smaller amount from his insurance company.
  • The plaintiff company had worked with the defendant attorneys for a number of years on various matters. One of the plaintiff’s principals asked the attorneys to draft a side-agreement with a company they were in litigation with. The defendant attorney failed to do this and also failed to note this agreement in a settlement with the other company. The plaintiff attempted to resolve or mitigate the matter through litigation with the same company, but lost at both the District Court and appellate level. After failing in these attempts, the plaintiff company, now a client of Paul Sortland, commenced litigation seeking compensation for damages from the defendant attorneys. Significantly, the defendant attorneys’ malpractice insurance company claimed that it was not responsible because the defendant attorneys had not reported the claim when they first knew about the potential claim or were in possession of facts that would support a claim. The defendant attorneys had renewed their malpractice policy during the litigation and appeal without reporting the potential claim to the insurance company. As a result, the defendant attorney’s insurance company agreed to pay only $75,000 of the $175,000 awarded settlement. The remainder of the settlement was paid by the attorneys personally.

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While these cases exemplify some of the best results achieved at Sortland Law Office, PLLC they are by no means an exhaustive list. If you believe you have a claim for a serious legal matter, call the Sortland Law Office, PLLC or contact the office online to discuss your legal matter.